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RE:center (Survive-to-Thrive)

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The RE:center is here to assist you with wrap-around services. If we do not offer the service you need in-house, we will refer you to other agencies who will assist you. We are always available to help walk you through the processes and navigate the resources available to you.

Disclaimer: We do not offer cash or immediate benevolence assistance. There is no guarantee that your requests will be approved. By submitting this form, you agree to:

1. When asked, submit all required documentation for the service you seek promptly.
2. Understand your request is subject to approval.
3. Acknowledge we can assist with applications for other agencies, but this does not guarantee that you will receive assistance from these agencies and organizations we refer you to.
4. Understand that although we accept walk-ins, some services may require an appointment based on staff availability.
5. Referral to other agencies and organizations will require you to sign a Release of Information (ROI).

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Questions? Contact RE:center (Survive-to-Thrive) at 928-457-1707